10 Key Insurance Trends and Predictions for 2022

Tara Kelly on February 3, 2022

The pandemic turned everything upside down in 2020, and the dust hasn’t settled yet. Will 2022 mark a return to normal life? Don’t bet on it! Expect the changes we’ve seen to continue accelerating innovation and technology in all aspects of insurance.

Here are 10 key trends and predictions to watch in 2022:

  1. Economic recovery will seem to move at a slower pace

  2. Tech projects will accelerate

  3. Vendor-partner relationships intensify

  4. Greater emphasis on culture and values

  5. Enhanced focus on the entire customer experience

  6. Getting the right data and  the right to use it

  7. “Telematics for people” makes inroads

  8. Assume something has changed in policyholders’ lives

  9. Cybersecurity will continue to play an enormous role

  10. Carriers explore underwriting policies for a connected world

Want to know more? Read the full list of predictions here -> 

Who says insurance isn’t sexy? It’s possible 2022 will be the year insurers embrace their inner “Q,” the iconic James Bond character who provides gadgets to help secret agents face risky situations, with insurers providing  confidence  to policyholders instead. Opportunity awaits in 2022, and while anything can happen, insurers know better than anyone that it’s best to be prepared!