Data Visualization: New Opportunities for Growth

SPLICE Software on March 27, 2017

Have you ever wondered why Google Doodles are so famous and easily understood? For example, the google doodle for the Winter Solstice - just with a glance we know that the day marks the beginning of winter. The eye-catching animations, insights to the current and historic facts, and the short stories to begin a new day all highlight one major fact - the power of visualization. Visualization narrates a story more powerfully than an explanation in any language, and irrespective of education, technological background, culture, or age.

The same remains true for iPhones, an intuitive device that leverages icons, imagery, and apps to create a better user experience. Whether you are 3 years old or 80, people know how to click a photo or open the phone apps. For example, if you are cricket fan, one of the most famous sports in the Eastern part of the globe, the Cricket Scorekeeper app will display a progress chart of the game, showcase scores, match turning moments, the fall of wickets, etc. As a result, supporters quickly know of any game changers, and if their team was doing well.

With these two examples in mind, we know that visualization impacts users with simplicity and effectiveness. When we apply the same concept to data, the processed and organized information in computer science language, we can “show” or visually display stories of growth, cause and effect relationships, and much more!

Data visualization in corporate communications

If a picture is worth a thousand words – what’s an attractive, interactive, highly intelligent picture? Put very simply, it’s an effective communication.

SPLICE uses our large collection of historic campaign data to analyze and present your data in ways that it makes sense to you, providing insights on scripts, voice talents and engagement. Not familiar with our solutions? Check out our Dialog ControllerTM webinar on Thursday, March 30! Overall, we’re helping SPLICE customers can see what they want, and how they want it so they can understand what their corporate communications are accomplishing.

Using data visualizations for internal decision making

It’s great to know results for a program, but the more important thing to be able to gleam insights from them to make better corporate decisions. When the information you care about is presented visually, you are given a snapshot of where you currently stand, and your growth potential. With data visualization, individuals from all around a company, can become more analytical without needing expert statistical skills. The visualized data allows us to comprehend vast amounts of information, that can be used in meetings, for quick decision making, and as a basis for improvements and new functionality in the future.

How is your organization leveraging & interpreting customer data? Is it enough to gain valuable and actionable insights? If not, we can help. Get in touch—we'd love to tell you more!

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