Insights from #NRF2018

Kirstyn Macartney on January 25, 2018

SPLICE President & CEO, Tara Kelly, was live at NRF 2018! True to its name, the Big Show is the premier retail conference and the largest annual gathering of industry executives from across the globe. SPLICE got an exclusive glimpse at how retail brands, of all shapes and sizes, are transforming themselves to pre-empt evolving consumer needs in the digital age.

Watch Tara Kelly LIVE at NRF 2018:

 As you adjust your approach to the in-store experience, consider these insights from NRF 2018:

1. Connect to the Blended Retail Experience
As Tara mentioned, if 56% of customers use smartphones while visiting your store location, are they having an online or in-store experience? It is, in fact, a blend. Retailers need to view online platforms and store locations not as two separate channels, but as a total customer experience. Retailers’ ability to connect this customer journey will determine their success in 2018—and beyond!

2. Small Data is Key!
Big data—clickthrough rates, browse history, etc.—will always be valuable information. But awareness of customers’ browse history isn’t going to optimize the connected retail experience. The ability to capitalize on small data is what will truly set retailers apart from the competition! Small data is volunteered. Customers provide it because you ask for it. Don’t worry about asking! Customers want to volunteer this information, because they want a retail experience tailored to them.

3. Take Action with Voice First Data
Undeniably, 2018 will be the year of voice. And retailers’ who have entered the Voice First realm, have a whole new dataset on their hands. Conversational data collected from Voice First devices is an intimate small data set, and provides unique customer insights you may have never thought to ask for. Data is useless if left un- or under-utilized! However, capturing and managing this data in your CRM/CCM system is crucial. You have the tools to make Voice First customer data actionable—use them!

In an era of ultra-connected customers, both big and small data has never been more crucial to predicting needs, accommodating preferences—and having the inventory to back it up. Ensure you make that data actionable—or your competition will.

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