SPLICE Software and Sapiens Partner to Transform NPS Survey Integration for Life and Annuity Insurance

SPLICE Software on December 12, 2023

CALGARY, AB, Oct. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- SPLICE Software, a leader in customer engagement, has unveiled a new integration with Sapiens, a global software expert in insurance and financial services, aimed at redefining Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey management for life and annuity insurance providers. 

This out-of-the-box integration of SPLICE's Thrive™ NPS survey solution and Sapiens' ApplicationPro and IllustrationPro platforms creates an elevated and measurable customer experience. Together, they offer a seamless and efficient approach for life and annuity insurance providers to gather and utilize vital customer feedback, driving superior customer experiences. 

Key highlights of the SPLICE and Sapiens integrated NPS survey solution include: 

  1. Automated Survey Distribution: Insurance providers can automate the distribution of NPS surveys via text, email or call, making the survey process effortless for policyholders. 
  2. Real-time Feedback Analysis: The integration delivers real-time data analysis, enabling insurers to make immediate and informed decisions based on customer feedback. 
  3. AI-Driven Survey Design: By leveraging AI, insurers can tailor survey questions and designs to reflect their brand identity and goals, enhancing customer engagement. 
  4. Seamless Data Integration: The integration enables a smooth and personalized customer journey from ApplicationPro and IllustrationPro platforms, facilitating data-driven decision-making and strategic enhancements. 
  5. Data Security and Compliance: The solution prioritizes data security and ensures all communication channels comply with relevant regulations, always ensuring the privacy of customer data. 

This integration marks a pivotal moment for life and annuity insurance providers, offering them a powerful tool to heighten customer satisfaction, identify areas for improvement and foster sustainable business growth. 

"We are delighted to join forces with Sapiens to provide this integrated NPS survey solution to life and annuity insurance providers," says Tara Kelly, CEO and founder of SPLICE. "By combining SPLICE's customer communication management solutions with Sapiens' industry expertise, we are delivering a comprehensive tool that will help insurers gain deeper insights into their customers and drive positive changes in their operations." 

Jennifer Smith, VP L&A Product Strategy North America of Sapiens, adds, "The integration of SPLICE's NPS survey solution with Sapiens' ApplicationPro and IllustrationPro platform is a testament to our commitment to providing excellence in operations for life and annuity insurers. This partnership adds another layer of value for insurance providers, empowering them with enhanced customer insights and operational efficiency, further solidifying Sapiens' intention to bring enhanced value to the insurance industry." 

Sapiens' ApplicationPro and IllustrationPro platforms are renowned for their excellence in streamlining the operations of life and annuity insurers, and the integration with SPLICE's NPS survey solutions adds another layer of value for insurance providers. 

The SPLICE and Sapiens integration for NPS surveys is now available for life and annuity insurance. Request a demo or join us live at The 2023 Sapiens Customer Summit or at InsurTech Connect (ITC).

For more information about this integration and how it can benefit your organization, please visit www.splicesoftware.com.

About SPLICE Software: SPLICE Software is a leading provider of customer engagement solutions, enabling businesses to engage in personalized, multi-channel communications including text, chat, call, email and voice first. 

About Sapiens: Sapiens is a global software company specializing in insurance and financial services solutions. Committed to empowering organizations in these sectors to transform and excel in a rapidly evolving industry, Sapiens delivers cutting-edge technology and expertise to drive digital transformation and business success. 

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