SPLICE Software wins Best Automated Communication Workflows Company in 2023

SPLICE Software on August 1, 2023

Corporate Vision is proud to announce that SPLICE Software has been awarded Best Automated Communications Workflow Company 2023 - North America. 

Aug23186_SPLICE Software_Badge

Corporate Vision nominates companies for the Corporate Excellence Awards using a range of trusted sources to guide their selection process. Their trusted sources include news sources, publications, investment rounds, key industry events, members associations, professional directories, and press releases. 

Winners are selected with an impartial team of individuals who conduct research, including veteran leaders in the industries to determine the companies most deserving of inclusion in the programme anad the awards.

For more details on The Corporate Excellence Awards and Corporate Vision, go to https://www.corporatevision-news.com/winners/splice-software-2/

About the Company: Corporate Vision is more than just a magazine, instead serving as an invaluable resource for leaders and decision makers looking to improve and transform the way they manage their operations, staff, technology, business partnerships, and supply chains with a view to creating a more profitable and successful business.

About SPLICE Software: Deliver consistent, on brand, multi-channel communications to your customers with ease. Through the utilization of automated and conversational calls, texts, emails, and voice first. SPLICE Software supports businesses in creating engaging and effective communication programs that integrate seamlessly with any pre-existing workflows or custom integrations. SPLICE’s patented Dialog Suite™ manages all your customer opt-ins and opt-outs to ensure that all your communications are legally compliant. SPLICE’s automated communications can add efficiency to any use case and can be applied to both inbound and outbound messaging. 

At SPLICE Software, we work together with our clients and technology partners to build better customer journeys and greater customer loyalty. Our trained Client Success team provides guidance on setting up programs that will help you reach your business goals with industry knowledge and expertise. With quick implementation times and flexible program pricing, you can easily pivot to meet new business challenges without having to worry about any constricting budgets. Alleviate the stress and frustration of ineffective communications for both customers and staff with automated multi-channel communication solutions by SPLICE.