SPLICE Software Releases Free Migration Capabilities to New Users

SPLICE Software on March 4, 2022

Company Offers Seamless Migration for Insurers and Retailers Now Looking for Business Chat and Text Services

SPLICE Software, a customer engagement company specializing in automated communication workflows and digital communications, today announced the release of new migration capabilities to help insurance and retail companies migrate seamlessly to the SPLICE Talk™ Application from Zipwhip and other two-way text providers. With SPLICE's free migration capabilities, insurers and retailers can easily migrate relevant data, including chat history, contact data, and opt-in and opt-out records, while enabling seamless delivery of two-way chat and text services to their customers.

"Change is inevitable, as we saw with recent Zipwhip platform news, and it's important for customer service professionals, especially in the insurance and retail sectors, to continue to have excellent communication engagement options," said Tara Kelly, President and CEO of SPLICE Software. "Knowing that, our migration capabilities include templates and integration features to help insurers and retailers achieve a seamless, safe transfer from one platform to another without disrupting their customers' experience."

The free migration includes a template transfer setup and chat history integration to maximize continuity. And thanks to SPLICE's recent integration with Salesforce, it's even easier to collect full opt-in and opt-out data and manage it as part of SPLICE Software clients' text messaging and chat applications. SPLICE also works with channel partners like EZLynxInsuresoftDuck Creek Technologies, and Drip to create engaging, consent-focused customer experiences. SPLICE also partners with Stripe global payments to support pay-by-text options.

In addition to a simple transition to a new platform, a partnership with SPLICE provides access to the company's powerful ecosystem, which uses APIs to safely automate communication processes based on accurate and timely data and make sure chat and text messages support the business strategy and comply with relevant customer privacy regulations. Here's what insurance and retail customers who currently work with SPLICE Software are saying:

  • "Unlike our previous vendor, SPLICE was able to customize the functionality of the survey program so our leadership team across the country can get relevant, real-time reporting in a format that is easy to interpret." - Lisa Osachoff, Chief People & Culture Officer, Western Financial Group.
  • "SPLICE made it very easy to collect those opt-ins digitally, utilizing QR codes to scan and take customers to a link to opt-in to our marketing." - Jacob Sizemore, Marketing Director, Big Sandy Superstore
  • "SPLICE has been an incredible partner – partner being the operative word – for our company to help us with our communication outreach efforts, especially as it pertains to our ability to assist our customers after a major catastrophic event." - Toni Logan, Vice President of Marketing, American Integrity Insurance Company

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