SPLICE Software’s tag-based reporting is now available on Thrive™

SPLICE Marketing on October 11, 2022

SPLICE Software, (SPLICE), a customer engagement company specializing in automated communication workflows and digital communications, today announced tag-based reporting is now available on Thrive – its survey application.

The Thrive Survey and Net Promoter Survey (NPS) applications empower users to create their own tags and report on them in real time. These tags can be based on business logic, departmental subsets, use-cases, employees, etc. Having real-time tag-based dashboards and reports generated from configurable tags allows meaningful enterprise reports at the click of a button. Tags also allow you to set up users to only have access to view specific survey results within your programs. By categorizing the NPS information into meaningful subsets, NPS is more actionable and impactful than ever.

“As digital transformation continues to grow, surveys and NPS are becoming more important and more mainstream. Tags are a flexible option for everyone to implement into their existing processes and systems, allowing for reporting, closing the loop, and thriving to be that much easier,” said Jenna Ha, VP Operations at SPLICE.

Thrive™ focuses not only on creating and sending surveys and collecting feedback, but also on using that feedback to help companies and brands learn, grow, and thrive. SPLICE emphasizes the usage of the Thrive application with the SPLICE Client Success Team to improve both customer and employee experience. The application offers call, text, and email deployment, and integrates advanced machine learning and analytics with customized reporting options with improvement recommendations.

Integrated gamification and valuable NPS training are also available within the upgraded and improved platform, including best practices for closing the loop, a central element of creating a more dynamic customer experience. Thrive™ can also provide customer journey recommendations to drive increased response rates, illustrating more nuanced insights and ultimately supporting the strongest engagement possible.

Thrive™ is available now, and to learn more about the upgraded Dialog Suite™ and request a demo, visit https://www.splicesoftware.com/services/surveys/.

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