Re-Cap: Mobile World Congress 2016

Andrew Hamill on February 26, 2016

Andrew 1

Mobile World Congress (MWC) - previously known as an event for launching smartphones, tablets, wearables, and other cutting-edge products - is an annual tech conference that acts as more than an opportunity to network with industry professionals or learn about industry trends. Companies from around the globe filled over 10 exhibition halls and executive meeting rooms to discuss the mobile industry’s current & future growth strategies, technological developments, and next generation services.

The focus this year was on Internet-of-Things (IoT), 5G connectivity, and virtual reality.

As I prepared for the show, I was excited to network and strengthen relationships with potential partners & resellers like Salesforce, Future Space, Mio, and Accenture. As I visited their booths, we spoke about data security, connected devices, and voice recognition.


In addition to these subjects, a topic discussed and one having a large impact on the industry, is mobile data security.  Did you know that 25% of all mobile devices encounter a threat each month (Skycure)? That’s a larger number than most are comfortable with; however, this risk can be minimized by safeguarding your information.

Below are my top 3 recommendations for every-day mobile users:

  1. Encrypt everything: Encoding information to ensure your personal data isn’t lost or accessed without permission, is imperative. Built-in hardware or applications, like the lock screen on an iPhone or iPad, will guarantee your data is nearly unreadable unless it’s unlocked with a password. Make sure to use a multi-digit passcode, some recommend as long as 11 digits, to make your phone as secure as possible.
  1. Be aware of malware (especially Android users): Google, unlike Apple, doesn’t vet applications before they go live – making it easy to sneak malicious apps onto the app store. So, without a security solution, malware creators can create unauthorized back logs of your data. Installing applications like Avast, F-Secure, Kaspersky, Lookout, or TrustGo can detect malware, and help keep you secure online.
  1. Cross-boarder protection: For those, like myself, who travel often (like to the Barcelona for the MWC conference), you can’t do much to prevent interrogation by security. However, you can protect your data from being downloaded and stolen. This is avoided by saving information elsewhere from your device - like the cloud or to a CD drive.

How have you been keeping your data safe & secure?

For more information on data security or to read about event highlights, check out the Mobile World Congress website.

To read more about my presence and experiences at the #MWC16 conference, visit @SPLICESoftware.