Speak to the Customers Who Are Actually Listening

Hunter Ascroft on June 21, 2021

Reduce Your Spend, But Enhance Your Reach

When it comes to direct communications, many businesses think more is better. The larger your contact lists, the better odds you have of creating conversions, and to a degree this is true. When you cast a wide net you are fairly likely to catch a few fish, but is this the best strategy? Spamming prospects and uninterested consumers can create a poor perception of your brand and frankly, be a turn off to those who might be on the fence. It also begs the question, is this a wise use of precious marketing dollars?
In the new age of customer data and information, it is important to not only properly utilize consumer information, but to ensure you are benefiting the people behind that data. Although it may be possible to buy lists of usable contact information to contact people who haven’t formally opted-in and accept the risk the legal repercussions, you have to ask yourself “Is it worth it?”.

Focus On The People Who Are Actually Interested

This concept seems really obvious when you take it at face value but in a lot of marketing efforts it seems to be forgotten.  By collecting opt-ins, you are not only giving yourself a legal safety net, you are also getting to know a little about your customers and prospects. It offers the opportunity to ask follow-up questions and determine what they are actually interested in. That way you can actually provide them value in your communications, rather than just bombarding them with a variety of information and hoping something peaks their interest. Once you have the information on file you can not only segment your audiences better, but you can actually save money! You can market to specific segments based on the information they are actually interested in, without wasting money on sending messages to people who are not. 

Give People The Opportunity To Tell You They Are Interested

In this digital age, many people want to stay connected with their favorite brands. It can benefit both the customer and the business to stay informed on sales, new product announcements, store updates and other information related to a customers buying journey. It is the job of the marketer to ensure individuals and agencies are up-to-date on important trends and changes that could be to their benefit. Creating a symbiotic relationship between business and consumer. This means creating multiple opportunities for interested parties to self select as brand supporters. 
It can be simple to add opt-in to your customer journey because there are so many different ways to ask. Through online or in-store contest, VIP and customer appreciation events, online web forms on your website, online enrolment forms, or even simply at the customers point of purchase. By opening the door to open dialog you are building relationships between your customers and your brand. 

Create Loyalty By Staying Connected

Not only can you create a better customer experience, but a better brand experience. Starting these important conversations with customers can help generate other vital dialog down the road and it all begins with a opt-in. 

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