Spring 2019 Partner Perspectives

Karolina Congdon on May 6, 2019

I had the pleasure of attending a few conferences this spring that were hosted by some of our amazing partners. My travel schedule was quite heavy and by the time it was over I had boarded over 10 flights in a span of 20 days—I think I may have hit a new personal record!

First Stop: Miami, FL for Duck Creek Formation

A great start to a few weeks of networking, learning and building lasting relationships, the Duck Creek team thought through every detail of their conference. The “Launchpad” was filled with many of their innovative partners, and the conference agenda was complete with exciting product updates, demos and learning opportunities. A key focus was the shift from on-premise solutions to SaaS-based solutions, like Duck Creek’s OnDemand platform.

Next Stop: Birmingham, AL for Insuresoft’s User Group Meeting

The atmosphere was well represented within the Collaborate conference theme. The intimate atmosphere allowed attendees to really connect, learn, and bounce ideas of innovation and improvement off one another.

Final Stop: Savannah, GA for Majesco Convergence

The theme of the conference this year was Back to the Future, complete with a video featuring Majesco’s President & CPO, Manish Shah, that paid tribute to the series, and a DMC DeLorean available for those keen Instagrammers like myself. This year, there was a lot of focus on the Digital 1st platform and building the future of Insurance through ecosystem partnerships. 

All three of these events focused on the importance of personalization within the insurance industry for providing the best possible customer experience. Brian Solis, one of the Keynote speakers at Convergence, had a perfect way of explaining this:

“Once you’ve fully felt a truly personalized experience, it becomes the new standard for engagement. You, and other customers like you, don’t go back. Every business now needs to recognize the Ubers of the world as disruptive competitors in experience design.”

This is an exciting time in the insurance industry as partnerships and ecosystems are becoming the new normal, and allowing insurance companies to easily provide that truly personalized experience for their policyholders.  This new shift toward integration platforms that make vendor applications more readily accessible allows insurers of all sizes to build their own solutions, run pilot programs quickly, and implement insurtech solutions with minimal IT resources required.

Not only were these partner conferences a great opportunity to learn about all the exciting updates our partners are making to their existing platforms and core systems, but also to network & build lasting, face-to-face relationships with the individuals I spend so much time communicating with via email. I look forward to next year!

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