Are You Delivering the Groundhog Day of Customer Experience?

Darin Reffitt on February 2, 2018

In the movie Groundhog DayBill Murray's character, Phil Connors, lives the same unfortunate day over and over, until (spoiler alert) he finally learns some valuable lessons about himself and finds a way to move past midnight.

For consumers, dealing with customer service can often feel the same way. Regardless of which company they're working with, the customer experience feels eerily familiar—long waits on hold wondering about the status of their claim, mortgage, or order, and automated systems that feel—well... automated.

Here are four ways to differentiate your customer service to avoid putting customers through that déjà vu feeling:

  1. Don’t leave customers wondering.  Instead of leaving customers waiting for answers or worse, frustrating them to the point where they finally pick up the phone to call a call center, processer, or claims adjuster, instead ensure you keep customers updated with proactive messages  at key points along the customer journey;
  2. Don’t send all calls to a call center. Instead of sending everyone to a central location, delight your customers by using brand-specific caller ID, or tap into your CRM data to direct calls to their local office, branch, agent, or financial advisor for more personalized service;
  3. Leverage customers’ channels of choice. Provide customers with status updates via the best channel—phone, text message, or email—to keep them feeling like a part of the process; and finally,
  4. Optimize your Alexa Skills and Google Actions with real, human voice to match your brand. Instead of their hearing the same native voice your competitors are using when accessing your company's Alexa skills or Google actions, provide better audio with natural-sounding voice that supports and differentiates your company.

Just as Phil Connors ends up happier and more fulfilled once he escapes his never-ending day, you can find your own happy ending by partnering with SPLICE to deliver all of the above solutions, resulting in increased sales, reduced costs, and improved customer satisfaction & retention.

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