Digital Channels - Do You Really Need Them All?

Tracy Borreson on March 10, 2020

Today, it's all about digital. It seems every company is looking to on-board new technologies, "because that's what the customer wants". Yes, your customer might be using their mobile device often, but do you REALLY know which channels they want to use for what? 

"Going Digital" isn't just having access to technology. It's about understanding the customer experience and which ones can be IMPROVED with digital solutions. 

Read on to learn some of the top things to keep in mind when reviewing digital solutions.

Not JUST Technology

When people are looking for "digital solutions" they are often short-sighted and look at only the channel (and the price tag). The biggest culprit right now? Text messaging.

Does this sound familiar? People are trying to text us so we need a solution that can help us respond. 

Correct. You DO need technology to help you respond. AND, text is a digital channel. BUT, if you stop at that in terms of your requirements, the solution that you choose may not meet the real success criteria. The real success criteria for digital solutions is to give your customers an experience they asking for. But, do you know WHY they are asking for it? 

Understand Their WHY

Let's take a look at a general example: your customers are trying to text in questions about a specific service you're providing them. The simple assumption is that everyone wants to text in questions about that service. But is that really true? 

Here are a few more questions you can ask to get to the REAL why:

  1. What type of questions are coming in via text?
  2. Are the same types of questions coming in via other channels (email, phone)?
  3. Could a proactive notification cover ALL of the questions?

When your customers interact with you, they are trying to DO a THING, and they are looking for the easiest way to do it. So, it's not that a technology solution is WRONG, but if you don't have all the information, your results may not be what you're looking for. 

A Streamlined Experience

There are likely very few of your customers who only interact with you on ONE channel. Sometimes, they may need a call. Sometimes an email is easier. And sometimes, a text is the most efficient. The truth of the matter is, a solution that only addresses one channel is going to create a silo of customer data. And silos create an opportunity for a broken experience. 

When implementing a new technology, or digital channel, you need to have a plan to incorporate it with your other customer experiences. It needs to flow, reflect your brand, and make the customer feel safe. All these things need to be considered before simply CHOOSING a solution. 

Using Customer Feedback

You may have a bunch of big data telling you what your customers "want". But have you confirmed that directly with them? When we look at aggregated data, we end up making assumptions; and we all know what happens when you ASSUME. 

If you think your data is telling you something, survey your customers on it to see where the truth lies. Direct feedback from your customer is ALWAYS going to be more accurate than an aggregate. 

A Tech Partner Can Help

Tech partners, like SPLICE Software, are all about technology. But more than that, they are about implementing SPECIFIC technology and channels in a strategic way to meet business goals. So, the next time your boss comes to you and asks for a new tech solution or digital channel, get a trustworthy partner on the phone. 

Don't have one? The team at SPLICE would love to chat.