The New Digital Experience

Tracy Borreson on September 22, 2020

When I say “digital”, what comes to mind? Typically, things like “online”, “website”, “banner ad”, even “email” are the things that most people would say.

If this is your current definition of “digital” it’s neither right nor wrong; it’s just based on what you know right now. Heck, even the definition in the Merriam-Webster dictionary states that digital means, “involving or related to computer technology”.

But nowadays, there are a variety of digital experiences that that are related to computer technology which may be missing from your current definition. Let’s take a look:

Digital Signage with Beacon Technology

A lot of businesses are still dedicated to print when it comes to signage. But there are amazing advances in digital signage and beacon technology that can help you provide a better experience for your customers. What if you could provide the best suited ad to each customer as they walked by? Or even text them with a relevant offer at the same time? It may just be that I watched Minority Report again recently, but pretty soon this is going to be the expectation, and if you aren’t engaging with your customers at this opportunity, you could miss out.

AI-Assistant Devices

Devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home are becoming more and more common in your customers' home lives. Although we start out with interactions such as asking general questions, like "how many teaspoons in 4 cups?", (if you’ve seen the new Google Home commercials), or "what are The Rock and Suri up to?", the fact is that the more we get used to asking these types of questions, the more we’ll want to ask ALL of our questions through these devices. What if your customers could ask about the status of their delivery? Or the next step in their claim process? Or whether a mortgage appraisal has been received? How easy would that be? Far too easy to ignore the benefits. And if they’re going to ask, why not respond in your actual brand voice? If you’re interested in implementing this capability, contact SPLICE for more information!

Digital Voice Experiences

As a leading provider of Voice Solutions for the past 10 years, this is where we at SPLICE get excited. Not only are people continuing to support automated voice notifications on the phone channel, but similar messages can now be sent via digital radio and online chats, improving the human-factor in these interactions. And a voice experience, above all others, is still the best at generating a REAL connection.

Optimizing Your Digital Channels

Just because your customers choose to do business or communicate with you in a digital channel, does not mean they are looking for a cold, historically-digital experience. By using the best data intelligence, along with warm sounding voice notifications (whether inbound on an Assistant, or outbound on the phone or online), voice communications can help you optimize the use of automation to save you money, while still allowing you to create a best-in-class experience for your customers.

If you’d like any more information on the items discussed here today, please contact us!

Editor's Note: this blog was originally published in September 2017 but was updated in September 2020 for consistency and freshness.