Resolutions: NPS® in 2016

Chelsea Kaefer on January 7, 2016

As we begin the New Year, it is important to reflect on the business successes of 2015, discuss lessons learned, and determine potential areas for improvement. Creating these sorts of New Year’s resolutions for a business is essential to growth.

In this line, Satmetrix®, a global solution provider for managing and improving customer experience, surveyed approximately 30,000 U.S. consumers who rated their experience with the primary brands they use. Consumers rated each brand on aspects such as product or service features, customer service, and overall value. Ratings were converted into a Net Promoter Score® (NPS®), and were based on the customers’ likelihood to recommend. Below is a small glimpse of the 2015 NPS Benchmarks by sector:

NPS by Sector 2015Source:

In addition to calculating these benchmarks, Satmetrix® conducted further research to help determine why businesses within the above-mentioned industry sectors scored the way they did:

  • BlackBerry showed the largest overall NPS increase in this year’s study. BlackBerry received high grades from customers based on the improved quality of its viewing screen.
  • Despite owning the lowest company reputation score in the Software & Apps sector, Uber customers like the service and would likely recommend it to a friend.
  • JetBlue has risen to new levels to take the top Airlines spot by introducing premium service equipped with private cabins, the longest beds in the U.S. domestic market, complimentary entertainment, and a new menu.


Irrespective of industry, product or service, Blackberry, Uber and JetBlue share a common goal – to deliver a seamless customer experience & create loyal brand advocates. As a result, these organizations receive profitable, sustainable growth through positive recommendations.

So, we must ask ourselves: What resolutions can be created to successfully grow my business, and similarly, customer advocacy?

Here are my thoughts…

  1. Businesses should create a customer-centric culture upwards from the front-line, where delivering an exceptional customer experience is made a priority.
  2. Continuously survey your consumers on various aspects of their brand experience in order to realize problematic areas sooner and develop better business practices through direct feedback and “closing-the-loop” interviews.
  3. Monitor industry benchmarks in order to set realistic goals and evaluate performance against peers in the industry.

What resolutions could your business implement to better facilitate growth & advocacy? Share below!

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