Sending Omnichannel Appointment Reminders Save Costs, Encourage Retention

Annmarie Geddes Baribeau on June 29, 2017


Missing claimant appointments is more than a nuisance, but can also mean missing opportunities for personal lines insurers and their customers.

Some auto and home insurers are benefiting from a solution that reduces no-shows, saves time and money and improves customer experience. By effectively sending omnichannel appointment reminders via the insured’s chosen communication channel, these insurers are boosting efficiency while encouraging retention and loyalty.

By deploying brand-enforcing personalized interactive messages at the right time during the claim process, these insurers are demonstrating their commitment to personal service and respect for customers’ time.

This approach differs from relying on conventional office software or staff phone calls to confirm appointments. Instead, the omnichannel approach transmits specific personalized messages via text, email or voice message -- whichever claimants prefer.

These appropriately timed appointment reminders contain all the necessary information for satisfactory appointments, including the time, place and need for additional supporting material. Through interactive response, claimants can quickly affirm confirmations by one touch. And, if necessary, they can respond to instructions to reschedule appointments, thus reducing staff calls.

Sending omnichannel appointment reminders is effective. SPLICE’s clients experience 24 percent greater response, on average, with this approach. These notifications also encourage a more efficient claims process for both insurers and their customers.

This tactic also discourages unnecessary and frustrating delays in the claims process while providing direct cost savings. SPLICE clients quickly reach customers for as little as $0.18 per human voice automated call and even less depending on call volume. In comparison, agent fees or call centers are far more costly.

While cost savings and enhancing claims efficiency are impressive enough, savvy automobile and home insurance executives also know that improving customer retention is becoming more critical in an age of competitive pricing. Assuring a positive claims experience not only discourages litigation, but also improves the likelihood that customers will stick with their insurer.

Despite significant investments insurers are making to streamline the claims process and show customer commitment, many insurers are not yet fully taking advantage of sending omnichannel appointment reminders with customized messages. Auto and home insurers that properly adopt this approach are already enjoying a competitive edge from saving time and money while enhancing customer experience.