Top Insurers: Optimizing Operations & CX with Flexibility & Agility

Tracy Borreson on May 22, 2020

The right tech partners have always allowed for flexibility and agility in unpredictable times. Now, as we start to enter a post-COVID environment, many insurers are realizing the benefits of using specialized partners to fill the gaps in their technology stacks. 

Yesterday, I was honored to share the Zoom Room "floor" with SPLICE partners Insuresoft and GhostDraft to discuss how the right tech partner can facilitate a quick pivot in uncertain times; pivots that can alleviate internal pain points, as well as improve the policyholder experience.

Read on for the key takeaways from the event...

How is automation creating efficiencies for insurance carriers?

  • Implementing a consistent customer/brand experience (Tracy Borreson @ SPLICE)
  • Moving policyholders through a process quickly and easily (TB)
  • Improving connectivity where we are lacking physical connectivity (Angie Winn @ GhostDraft)
  • Streamlining the employee experience (TB)

What are some best practices to set up your organization for a quick pivot?

  • Know who is on the execution team (TB)
  • Have a good understanding of the data that is available (TB)
  • Focus on the customer journey by putting yourself in the policyholders shoes (Josh Hall @ Insuresoft)
  • Proactively set up omni-channel solutions so policyholders can engage in their preferred method (JH)
  • Leverage experts who can navigate you through the process (AW)
    • Ensure there is really thorough turn-over of the solution back to the internal team (AW)

How do Customer Communication Management Platforms support flexibility for greater efficiency?

  • Continually add functionality to deliver content across preferred channels (AW/TB)
  • Have been developed for configuration not code, which increases speed to market (AW/JH)
  • Empower business users to meet their own needs (AW)
  • Support proactive data usage for predictive tools vs. reactive insight (JH)

What role can technology partnerships have in facilitating quick pivots?

  • Trying to be all things to all people vs. leave the experts to the experts (JH/TB)
  • Creating a more efficient model that can deliver a more robust customer experience (JH)
  • The API economy allows specialized solutions to be easily "plugged in" (TB)
    • As long as partners are actually integrated (AW)

How can we find out where our customers are so we know which channels to invest in?

  • Where to look: your call center agents & your social media (TB)
    • Data amalgamation tools are readily available (TB)
  • Your policyholder data can be looked at in a different way to provide new insight (TB)
  • Ask your customers! A simple survey can do wonders (AW/TB/JH)
  • Strategic planning on how to harness your data for predictive models (JH)

What's the easiest way to implement & retain text consents?

  • Collect permissions in each and every policyholder interaction (TB)
  • Automate opt-out collection in each and every distribution channel (TB)
  • Connect all your permission data via API (TB) 

For more insights, you can watch the recording of the discussion here.